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The Triumph Sports Car Club (TSCC) of South Africa was founded in 1974. It was first known as the TR Register of Southern Africa, then the Triumph Sports Car Club of Southern Africa, and finally, upon ratification of our revised structure and new constitution, as the Triumph Sports Car Club of South Africa. The TSCC is affiliated with the TR Register in the United Kingdom.

Founded by enthusiasts for the benefit and enjoyment of like-minded people and lovers of the Triumph Marque, it was at first limited to owners of the Triumph TR series. Over the years, with membership growing, it has been expanded to include enthusiasts of all types of Triumph cars – hence the name change. The club was established to promote the preservation of Triumph cars, the sport, interest and pastime of motoring and of the Triumph marque, and to encourage social activity between the members engaged in club activities.

Not only are owners of Triumph cars welcome to join our club and participate in its events, but all enthusiasts and lovers of Triumph cars as well – even if you don’t own a Triumph. Don’t be surprised, though, if we encourage you to acquire one.

Our club consists of centres located around the country – these being:

Border (East London)
Cape Town
Free State (Bloemfontein)
Garden Route (Mossel Bay to Plettenberg Bay)
KwaZulu-Natal (Durban)
Port Elizabeth

Each centre is an autonomous club operating independently but under the auspices of the national body. A healthy interaction exists between all centres and every two years a National Gathering is held where all centres and members can meet and enjoy each other’s company for four or so days.

The national body issues a quarterly magazine, Sabrina, to its members who give the latest news and happenings on the National front as well as from all the centres. The regional centres also publish their own newsletters for the members of their centres.

Our club is affiliated to the South African Motor Clubs Association (SAMCA), an umbrella body that looks after the interests of all single marque classic cars, and it enjoys the benefits available by the association such as vehicle insurance and participation in competitive and social events with other clubs.

An insurance scheme that provides agreed value insurance for your classic at very affordable rates is available to members of our club under certain limitations, and this is brokered by Fussell and Associates, who have been providing us with insurance for several decades.

In order to keep up with market trends and increased costs of restoration the insurance values of some our cars have been adjusted, see Values of Triumph Cars in SA or inquire from your Regional Chairman.

If you would like to read a few accounts by members of the old days and history of the club read Down memory lane


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