Triumph TR7

The TR7 heralded a new approach to the designs of the TR range featuring a unitary construction. This followed trends of the seventies in the motorcar world in making the cars more modern and aerodynamic than the traditional British Sports Car had ever been.

The TR7 entered manufacture in September 1975 and continued to the summer of 1981, by which time 112375 cars were produced. The TR7 was first available as a hard-top coupe only, but from 1979 both hard-top and convertible versions remained in production up to October 1981. Available with a 4-speed gearbox at first, a 5-speed unit became standard from 1978. Optional extras included alloy wheels, automatic transmissions, and a sunroof on the coupe versions. A limited number, named the TR7 Spider, were produced for the California market and were fitted with fuel injection and air-conditioning.

Engine TR7 – 4 Cylinder 90.3 mm x 70.8 mm – 1998cc SOHC.
Power TR7 – 105 bhp (78 kW DIN) at 5500 rpm.
Twin SU Carbs.

TR7 Coupe


Dennis Cook’s TR7 Coupe on Bain’s Kloof

TR7 Drop

Neat TR7 Drophead

TR7 Drophead

Ronan Sanderson showing the great handling

TR7 Conc

Eddie Hughes cherished TR7 at Concours

TR7 track

TR7 in Gymkhana mode

TR7 Spider front

Jon Rademan’s genuine TR7 Spider

TR7 Spider

This TR7 spider is the only one known in SA