Triumph TR4A

In 1965, the TR4A with IRS or independent rear suspension superseded the TR4. Apart from the rear suspension, which used trailing arms and a differential bolted to the redesigned chassis frame and a number of small styling changes and refinements, the two models appear nearly identical. In fact, an estimated 25 per cent of TR4As were not equipped with IRS, but instead reverted to a live axle design similar to the TR4, which was adapted to fit the new chassis as this was preferred in the USA/

Engine – 4 Cylinder 86mm x 92mm 2138cc, wet liners
Power – 104 bhp (78kW) at 4700 rpm

A new chassis with independent rear suspension and modified front suspension was designed for the later version of the TR4, designated TR4A. A total of 28 465 cars were produced. It was produced between February 1965 and August 1967. Available optional extras included wire wheels, Surrey hard top, seat belts, heater, overdrive, live rear axle for the USA market only, and Dunlop SP41 tyres.

TR4A lights your fire
TR4A front
Dennis Cook’s restored TR4A-owned by several club members over the years
Chris Buckley enjoys his lovely TR4A


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