The TR5 has become THE investment Triumph to own

The Triumph TR5 is a sports car built by the Triumph Motor Company in Coventry, England, between August 1967 and September 1968.

Visually similar to the TR4 (also styled by Michelotti), the TR5 roadster sported Triumph’s much more powerful 2.5 litre straight 6, fitted with Lucas mechanical fuel-injection and producing 145 bhp (108 kW). Price pressures and tighter emissions standards in the U.S. resulted in a much less powerful carburetted version, the TR250, being sold on the North American market. At the time, fuel injection was uncommon in road cars. Triumph claimed in their sales brochure that it was the “First British production sports car with petrol injection”.

Standard equipment included front disc brakes, independent rear suspension, rack and pinion steering and a four speed gearbox. Optional extras included overdrive and wire wheels. The TR5 was available with the “Surrey Top” hard top, a weather protection system with rigid rear section including the rear window and removable fabric section over the driver and passenger’s heads. The TR5 engine was carried forward to the TR6.


The TR5 was produced in small numbers when compared with the later TR6, with just 2,947 units produced; the first car was assembled on 29 August 1967 and the last on 19 September 1968. Of these, 1,161 were destined for the UK market, the remainder being LHD TR5s and going to France, Belgium and Germany amongst others. In spite of Triumph seeing it as a stop gap model the values of these cars have outstripped other TR’s, because of their rarity.

TR 5 Barr
Barrie Downes owns several TR’s and restored this coveted example
Gavin Turner’s TR5
The ex Gavin Turner TR5 in company with an original CR TR6


The Triumph TR250 was built during the same period for the North American market. Price pressures and tighter emission regulations resulted in twin Zenith-Stromberg carburettors being fitted instead of the TR5’s Lucas fuel injection system. Otherwise it is nearly identical. The TR250’s engine delivered 111 bhp (81 kW), 39 bhp less than the TR5; 0–60 mph (0–97 km/h) acceleration took 10.6 seconds. The TR250 was also available with the Surrey Top system. There is not one known to the Club in South Africa.

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