National Gathering

The 2024 National Gathering will take place at TO STRAND from 1 May 2024 to 5 May 2024.

There are two documents for downloading relating to this event.

National Gathering of the TSCC of SA 2024 (PDF document, containing Welcome letter, Entry Price Calculator and SAMCA Indemnity)

Entry Calculator V3 Entrants and Car Details V3 (Excel document)

Guide to the Triumph Sports Car Club of South Africa National Gathering

The Triumph Sports Car Club of South Africa offers a National Gathering every second year and is hosted by a different regional centre each time.

With so many new members that joined the club recently, we thought that it would be appropriate to enlighten our new members and those that have never been to a national gathering what it’s all about as well as refresh the memories of our other members. If you have never been to one, this is going to be your opportunity to experience something you will never forget. We’ve put the information in a sort of “frequently asked questions” type of format to make it easier.

Q: What is it called?

A: It is normally called the “Triumph Sports Car Club National Gathering CCYY”, but the organising centre can give it a unique name that is appropriate to the region or whatever they choose.

Q: Who organises it?

A: The regional centres, i.e. Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and East London jointly and Natal takes turns to host it. Each centre will thus host it once in ten years and the next centre is agreed upon at the Biennial General Meeting (BGM) held at the national gathering.

Q: How frequently is it held?

A: It is held every two years.

Q: Who decides on the location/venue?

A: The host centre can choose where to host the national gathering and will normally try to have a single venue where all the attending members can stay and have enough space to park all the cars as well. It can also be at a scenic location.

Q: What will I receive that will remind me and other’s that I have attended a national gathering?

A: At registration you will normally receive a “hamper” for lack of a better word. Included in this is a dashboard plaque with the name of the national gathering and the year in which it was held. Some centres have also presented all the members present with an attendance certificate. It is basically up to the organising centre to determine what is handed out.

Q: Where was the last national gatherings hosted?

A: In the past number of years the gathering was hosted at: Gariep Dam 2000 by Johannesburg Centre, Storms River 2002 by Port Elizabeth & East London Centres, Port Edward 2004 by Kwazulu Natal centre, Hermanus 2006 by Cape Town centre, Maselspoort 2008 by Pretoria Centre, rakensberg 2010 by Johannesburg Centre, Plettenberg Bay 2012 by Port Elizabeth & East London Centres, Port Edward 2014 by Kwazulu Natal centre, Hartenbos 2016 by Cape Town centre.

Q: What are the dates for the gathering?

A: The host centre can determine the dates depending on local conditions, normally around the 26 April to 1 May but it has to be held in the even years.

Q: What program is followed?

A: There isn’t a fixed program prescribed but the program is created by the host centre and could include the following: Registration, welcome function, car cleaning time, resting / catch up time, concours, driving tests, Quiz evenings, Biennial General Meeting, National committee meeting, scenic drive, Dinner dance and prize giving function, etc.

Q: How long are the national gathering?

A: There is no prescribed timeframe, but the host centre determines the length of the gathering depending on the program and other factors. It could be from four to five days

Q: Why are sponsors important for the gathering?

A: Members of the different centres can request and sought sponsorship for the events and sponsors will get exposure from the public, media, members, press at the national concours, driving tests, scenic drives, etc. In turn members attending the gathering can get gifts, such as car covers, tyres, fuel, oils, money etc in turn. This can also relief the financial burden on the attending members.

Q: Who sponsored previous events?

A: Goodyear Tyres, Total, Continental Tyres, McCarthy Toyota, Midas, Axiom Hydraulics to name but a few.

Q: Are all the drivers tested the same at the driving tests?

A: No, there are categories for the ladies and separate categories for gentlemen.

Q: Why is it held?

A: There are a number of reasons why it is held and here are a few:
– It is held to promote camaraderie amongst the members from the whole of Southern Africa.
– To meet with friends made over the years
– To talk to other centre members about Triumph issues
– To preserve and promote the Triumph marque
– To learn from other enthusiasts about maintenance and upkeep of our cars
– To see the “other” Triumphs again
– To show the public what Triumphs is all about and what they look like
– To enjoy driving your Triumph to and from the venue
– To compete in a concours competition against other centres, thus keeping the standard of cars high and to see how your car is rated against the best in the country
– To discuss club matters at the Bi-Annual General Meeting
– To choose a national committee
– To have a bit of a vacation in a part of the country that you might not have visited was it not for the gathering
– To share in the experience of the happenings
– To have an unforgettable experience
– And many more reasons

Q: What can I expect when I attend?

A: You can expect:
– To see your Triumph in a new light and through different eyes
– To meet like-minded people who may even become friends of yours
– To see the most beautiful Triumphs in the country
– To visit a venue that you may not have visited before
– To walk around the resort and where-ever you look see Triumphs parked all over
– To hear the roar of Triumphs early in the morning until late at night
– To see how other members have done certain things on their cars
– To take pictures of other Triumphs at your heart’s content
– To have a great time with fellow enthusiasts
– To get totally motivated about Triumphs all over again
– To have a say at the Bi-annual General Meeting in national club matters
– To enter your car in the national concours
– To see how other members clean and fix their cars for the national concours
– To learn from each other
– etc. etc. etc.

Q: Is there a club competition as well?

A: Yes the different centres receive points for attendance, number of cars entered into the concours, number of prizes won at the concours, points for the driving tests, points for scenic route quizzes, etc.

Q: Do I have to enter my car in the concours?

A: No entering your car is your decision, you can still enjoy the event even if you didn’t enter you car in the competition.

We hope that this has given you an insight into what the nationals is and why you should attend. You can just ask someone who has been to one, it is an unforgettable experience. So please get your registration forms in as soon as possible and if you have more questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will try to assist you, also if you are aware of any potential sponsors, please let us know.

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