Spare Parts

Triumph replacement parts.

If you are in the process of restoring a car or even maintaining one, you will surely need a source of parts. Our Club had provided a not for profit spares service since the 1970’s, but since we encountered ever greater problems with SARS , the Club is no longer able to provide the service.

While it is relatively simple to import your own parts from any of the UK suppliers provided that you have a credit card, you should be aware that if you purchase more than 3 times from overseas- includes Amazon and Ebay purchases– you will be required to register as an importer, which is a daunting process.

Classically British parts in Cape Town has been importing and supplying parts for British cars for several decades. He is a registered importer and is registered for VAT so there are no problems with importation.  They get a trade discount from overseas suppliers and get better freight rates than you may get individually. Peter Flowers, whose company Classically British part is, has restored a number of cars and understands the needs of car enthusiasts. He imports on a regular basis and can supply to anywhere in the country. Additionally, if you mention  with your order that you are a member of the Triumph Sports Car club, he offers a 10% discount on the landed cost.

You may obtain a quote for your requirements before placing an order, with a price delivered to your door.  Contact Peter at : or  call 078 639 0151 during office hours.