Spare Parts

Replacement Triumph parts.

If you are in the process of restoring a car, you will surely need a source of replacement  parts. Even if you own and run a Triumph you are bound to require parts to keep your car on the road. Our Club has provided a not for profit spares service since the 1970’s. Regrettably SARS has decreed that we bring the Club’s importer’s customs code number in line with The Financial Intelligence Centre Act (Act 38 of 2001)  (FICA). This will probably require that the Club register as a non profit organisation which will have to submit annual returns. Because of these onerous requirements our Spares Administrator will be stepping down  and the Club will attempt to find a way to deal with the matter. Until such time there will no longer be a parts service provided by the Club for its members.

It is relatively simple to import your own parts from any of the UK suppliers provided that you have a credit card. You may be pleasantly surprised how quickly they will respond to your need.  The most prominent suppliers are :

Rimmer Brothers –

Moss Motors-

TR Shop-

It pays to shop around before you order as prices differ quite considerably and specials are sometimes on offer.