Triumph Parts

Replacement parts.

If you are in the process of restoring a car, you will surely need a source of replacement  parts. Even if you own and run a Triumph you are bound to require parts to keep your car on the road. One of the most valuable services that the Club offers to its members is the provisioning of parts at very reasonable prices. We import monthly and due to an association stretching over many years, our supplier offers us very competitive prices which are passed on to members; in addition because we import in bulk, the freight rates are very competitive. This service is provided at cost ( no mark-up( and is extended to non-members in the hope that they will, in time also join the Club.  The Club has its own import permit and by ordering through the Club members avoid the tedious process of having to import directly. Orders are received in bulk and then despatched to individuals all over the country.

Should you wish to budget for your restoration, our Parts manager will be pleased to provide you with a quote before committing to an order; simply send him a list with the Triumph or Moss Motors part numbers and description. 

To order parts for y our Triumph, contact René de Villiers on 083 317 4339, or send an email to: